Kibbutz Palmach Tzuba

Kibbutz Palmach Tzuba is a Cooperative Kibbutz, located in the Regional Council “Mateh Yehuda” and belongs to the United Kibbutz Movement – TAKAM (in the past – Kibbutz Hameuchad). The name Tzuba reflects the heritage of the Palmach and the historic location of the Kibbutz on the remains of a biblical town.

The kibbutz was founded in October 1948 by Palmach members, Israeli born youth, Holocaust survivors and immigrants from Turkey. Later members of Kibbutz Erez, graduates of youth movements, and graduates of agricultural schools joined. Over the years, the kibbutz absorbed individuals and families, local and international, and the second generation who chose to continue their parent’s path.

For the last 30 years we are proud to host a Kibbutz Ulpan, where young people – tourists and new immigrants combine work and study Hebrew. Hundreds of young people have acquired here basic knowledge the Hebrew language and Zionism.

Kibbutz Tzuba has a variety of industries and occupations.

Agricultural industries are:
Plantations of a variety of fruits, vineyards and olive groves, and chicken coops.

Dairy farming and Fields are part of regional corporations operated in lower areas, between Tzora and Ashkelon.

As agriculture’s contribution to the kibbutz decreased the Kibbutz turned to develop additional sources of income:

Oran-Palmach-Tzuba a laminated windshield plant wich was founded in the early 80’s. Oran produces various types of safety windshields, and bulletproof glass. Oran is the biggest business in the kibbutz. The plant grew and developed in recent years, established a branch in the USA and now it is in the process of building another factory in order to double the production capacity. The plant employs kibbutz members and dozens of workers from the region, most of them new immigrants.
Tourism was developed in the recent years: “Kiftzuba”, the biggest and best family entertainment center in Jerusalem area. “Hotel Tzuba” founded in 2000, has 64 family rooms, central lobby and halls for conferences and other events.

In 2013, a new branch of the chocolate store Galita was established in Tzuba -. Galita offers a variety of special activities for groups, wich must be reserved in advanced: Workshops for group cohesion, and sweet coffee and chocolate are also served. You can also order personalized gift branded for each participant group.

Tzuba Winery – Established in 2005, the boutique winery produces 65,000 bottles a year from grapes grown in our vineyards only. High-quality wine, which won numerous awards elite wine sold in stores. The winery, combined with Tzuba Tourism offers guided tours of ancient wine press, the vineyard and the winery including wine tasting and meeting the winemaker.


The old dining room was upgraded and rebuilt as a conference hall for family events or congresses and as a restaurant. It is also used for cultural and social events for the kibbutz members and tourist groups.

Kibbutz Tzuba is surrounded by many heritage sites and hiking trails, in a breathtaking landscape: Ein Tzuba the beautiful spring which was the only source of water for the founders of the kibbutz. The spring was renovated and became a magnet for hikers and picnics.The Cave of John the Baptist is unique site water with a system from time of the First Temple, whose walls are carved with the figure of John the Baptist from the Byzantine period. Tzuba Tourism offers independent guided tours.

Kibbutz Tzuba is one of the leaders of tourism in the region Mateh Yehuda.



The Kibbutz has also a variety of small businesses:

Garage and gas station – serving the kibbutz vehicles and hundreds of customers in our area.

In addition you will find in Tzuba a Dental Clinic, Department Store, Hairdresser, and cosmetic and holistic treatments, serving customers from many neighboring communities.

About 40% of the kibbutz members work outside the kibbutz, some of them in senior positions at work. All salaries are fully transferred to the kibbutz.

Kibbutz population:
283 members and candidates
150 children
30 soldiers (born in the kibbutz)
45 sons in “economic independence” program
24 Ulpan students
85 Residents and Employees

Kibbutz Tzuba is a cooperative community. The kibbutz has cooperative services, a high-level health system and an extensive education system where the kibbutz children and the children from the area go to school. Throughout the year extensive cultural activities take place, in which many members participate. Kibbutz members are covered with the best medical insurance and enjoy high social security. We give our children higher education (BA) and a third of kibbutz born people choose to live here.

We have a diverse population, a great view; our homes are surrounded with lawns, trees, flowers, and many kids. We take pride in what has been achieved in the years of work, and continue to strive for economic and social stability, growth and development.