About Tzuba Tourism

About us

Kibbutz Tzuba constantly develops its tourism facilities and constitutes today the center of rural tourism in the Jerusalem Mountains. During the recent years, we have established in the Jerusalem Mountains a huge tourist center which includes overnight facilities, restaurants, tours, chocolate making and tasting. We provide fun for the entire family.

Tzuba’s tourism center is located in kibbutz Tzuba, some 20 minutes from Jerusalem and about 45 minutes from Tel Aviv.

Tzuba’s tourism offers a wide range of activities and services:

KIFTZUBA – An exciting experience in the Kibbutz

All Israelis have heard of KIFTZUBA, the huge amusement park of Kibbutz Tzuba in the Jerusalem Mountains. Many are those who have heard of, visited and enjoyed the many attractions that the park offers to the entire family from one year old toddlers to the elders of the group…

In the KIFTZUBA Park you will find attractions for the whole family, plenty of seating areas, the glorious view of the Jerusalem Mountains, trekking trails, a coffee shop and plenty of parking. The park is adapted to invalids and is secured by special guards.

Park KIFTZUBA offers an exciting experience for the children and for the whole family with a great variety of attractions adapted to children from one year old to fourteen years old. KIFTZUBA boasts a huge game center with a room full of mega – blocks, PlayStations for the older children, a computer room for the young ones, a nursery room for the tiny ones, Bemba cars, coin operated games and much more.

In KIFTZUBA you will find inflated games, where the young ones can jump to their heart’s delight, a wide area for family picnics and a Middle Eastern restaurant.

Come visit and enjoy with the whole family!

Yael Kerem – KIFTZUBA manager

Yael Kerem

Yael Kerem

Tzuba Hotel – A hotel with a rural atmosphere

The Jerusalem Region is one of the most beautiful and most recommended regions for a relaxed vacation. And if the Jerusalem Region is one of the most beautiful and most recommended regions, then Tzuba Hotel is definitely one the most beautiful resorts in the region. Anyone who has stayed as a guest in our hotel will testify that it is indeed one of the best resorts in the Jerusalem Region and in the whole of the country.

The hotel combines a unique blend of factors that make it an unforgettable experience:

First of all its magnificent location in the Jerusalem Mountains: every room opens on a breathtaking view, a pastoral setting and the only noise you can hear is the birds twitting in the rising sun. The hotel is located near a great variety of trails and tourism attractions. The hotel offers 64 well equipped and pampering guest-rooms. In each room you will find a well-equipped kitchenette, television sets and separate bedroom and sitting room for your utmost comfort. The lobby has Wi-Fi connection. The hotel also boasts a heated swimming pool, a toddlers’ swimming pool, tennis courts and a basketball court.

A famous feature of the hotel is “the morning of tastes” experience – a rural brunch served every Friday with a variety of salads, farm cheese, homemade breads, soups, pies, cakes and many more goodies lovingly prepared in our kitchen.

Any group, family or business can have a high standard private party or a convention held in Tzuba Hotel, ask us about it. Tzuba Hotel is the perfect venue for professional gatherings in a unique atmosphere. Any family gathering becomes special when it is held in Tzuba Hotel, one of the most beautiful locations in the country.

A warm welcome awaits every one of you at Tzuba Hotel; the perfect resort.

Mor Ovadia – Hotel Manager

Mor Ovadia

Mor Ovadia

Galita – Tzuba’s chocolate farm

Galita, the chocolate farm, (located in Kibbutz Degania B in the Galilee) and Kibbutz Tzuba in the Jerusalem Mountains have decided to jointly open a new Galita chocolate farm in Kibbutz Tzuba next to KIFTZUBA. The Galita chocolate farm in Kibbutz Tzuba will cover a 300 square meters area and will be designed by architect Ruth Aloush Reif, the house designer of Galita. The design includes a renovation of an old chicken coop and a former carpenter shop according to the modern and distinctive design of Galita. The renovation will cost two million shekels.

In the year 2012, 300 thousand people visited the Tzuba tourism complex.

The chocolate farm in Tzuba will offer the full range of experiences offered by the farm in Degania: a center for chocolate making classes, a movie about the history of chocolate, a shop offering the full range of the Galita products and a chocolate bar with sweet desserts and the famous homemade chocolate ice creams of Galita.

For a sweet moment and lots of fun, come visit us.

Tlalit Bar – Manager of Galita (Tzuba)

Tzuba Winery

The winery, established in 2005 and totally owned by the kibbutz, produces 10 different wines divided in four series with an annual output of 60,000 bottles. 60% of the production is exported abroad.
The winery was established as an estate winery basing its entire production on grapes grown in the vineyards of Tzuba that have been productive since1966. The vineyards cover 255 dunams of terra rossa, among rocks and ancient terraces.

The wines are:

  • The Fortress (Ha Metsuda) – a premium wine – that is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Malbeck.
  • Varietal wines – Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and Shiraz
  • Dessert wines – Dessert red and Dessert white in the Port wine style.

The proximity of the winery to the vineyards and the variety of grapes allows us to perform many experiments and blends that have resulted in high quality wines in a very short period.
The excellence of our wines, that have received many prizes, derives from the knowhow of our winemakers and of their passion to wine.

Paul Dubb is the winemaker of the winery since 2007.

Paul Dubb, a member of Kibbutz Tzuba, has had a passion for wines since his childhood. He produced his first wines together with his father in South Africa. He was appointed manager of the vineyards of Kibbutz Tzuba in 1966 and he planted the different grapes and nurtured them through their growth and the first harvests. As the manager and winemaker of the winery he combines his deep knowledge of wine growing with his many years of experience in wine making.

Paul Dubb, manager of the Tzuba Winery.

Paul Dubb

Paul Dubb